Ijen Songa Rafting Bromo Tour Package

DAY 1 SURABAYA -  TOUR IJEN                                                                               
Pick up at Surabaya Airport, Hotel, Train Station. Then drive to the Ijen area during 5-6 hours. After arriving in the tourist area of ​​the Ijen and then check in Hotel and free program.

DAY 2 TOUR IJEN - SONGA RAFTING                                                                                
Waking up in 12.00 at the night to See Blue Fire and Ijen crater for the tour program. Packing and rushed to the crater. On arrival at the parking area, preparation for trekking to the crater of Ijen. From the parking area you are ready to explore the crater. You will do trekking to the summit crater of Ijen around 1 and half hours. Along the way to the top of the crater of Ijen you will see the beautiful scenery.. After walking to explore the crater of Ijen proceed. When it reached the top of the crater then you will enjoy because you will see immediately in front of you clearly defined a large blue crater that is so amazing that you will never forget this exprience. The cool air in coherent with spectacular views of the crater that will make you amazed at the greatness of God. Ijen Crater including active volcanoes that have wide crater and the water is colored blue. After quite enjoyed and explore Panorama Ijen crater back to the parking area. Take a break and headed to Hotel in Probolingo around 5 hours. chek in Hotel and free program

DAY 3 SONGA RAFTING - BROMO                                                 

Early morning at 7.00-8.00 am we will take you to the Pekalen area to do Water Rafting take around 1 hour. Arrive at Water Rafting. Preparing and Team Rafting will take you to Pekalen river to do water rafting  and Explore Rafting. Explore water Rafting around 3-4 hours. After explore water Rafting and then back to base camp. Lunch, Showering then heading to Bromo area, Check in Hotel and free program

At 3:00 am in the morning go to Penanjakan Point 1 to see and enjoy the beauty of Sunrise by driving a Jeep. Arrived at Penanjakan point 1 you can enjoy some foods and soft drinks are on offer shop around . While waiting for the Sunrise you can find a good place for taking pictures. When the sun Began to show light so be prepared to explore the Spectacular beauty of sunrise that you can only enjoy in the tourist area of ​​Bromo and you can also see the beauty of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru from Penajakan1. After explore the beautiful sunrise then back to the Jeep and drive to the crater of Mount Bromo by crossing the sea sand Bromo. Arriving in the parking Jeep then go to the bromo crater and you can be done by foot or riding a horse. After explore Bromo crater  then go to Padang Savana and Pasir Berbisisk and back to the hotel. Brekfast, showering, paking and check out Hotel around 10.00-11.00 am and then drive you to Madakaripura Waterfall around 1 hour. After explore Madakaripura Waterfall then drive Surabaya around 4 hours and tour finished

Tour Included :
  • Private Land Transportation Ac
  • Driver
  • Petroll
  • 3 night accomodation hotel at bromo, Ijen, Songa
  • Entrance fee in Bromo, Ijen, Songa and madakaripura waterfall
  • Boat in Songa+Lunch
  • Blue Fire+Local Guide in Ijen
  • Jeep 4Wd Private at Bromo 
  • Mineral water along the tour
  • 3x breakfast at Hotel
  • 1x snack at the beginning of the tour

Tour Excluded :
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Travel Insurance
  • Horse in Bromo

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